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kantech tech support

We are a premier Kantech technical support solution that can assist you with prompt account management, expedited service, and elevator controls and integration. We are factory tech certified and are a licensed seller of all Kantech products. No matter if you need Information, remote aid, monthly maintenance, and / or management plans. At Kantech Tech Support, we have the means to assist you today.

Call us now: 1844 944 7763.

Our global Kantech support service means that no matter where you are located, you can access our quality tech support service. We offer remote troubleshooting, sales of products, and account management.
Kantech Tech Support is a Kantech technical support provider based in Wisconsin. Certified in corporate and global installation and servicing, our technicians are highly trained and have a wealth of industry expertise to assist you today.

Since 2009, Kantech Tech Support has been committed to providing excellent service. Offering 1-on-1 training, mobile, website, workstation applications, and cloud and server systems, we are your one-stop shop for all of your access control, Kantech and Tyco support needs.

Kantech Tech Support

Kantech Tech Support Services

A licensed dealer of Kantech products, you can shop for your next Kantech purchase with us today, hassle-free and for competitive prices.
Kantech Tech Support is all about providing high-end user support. It doesn’t matter what your query is, our technicians have the knowledge and tools to assist you! Kantech Tech Support designs build and guarantees access control systems, reducing headaches and costs for you and your business.

The services we offer are as follows:
- All technical support for Tyco products
- Programming panels
- Integration into other systems
- Configuration of wireless and wired doors
- Elevator controls and integration
- Schedule settings for doors and elevators
- Selling all Tyco products
- End-user customer training
- Design from concept to the final product
- Remote visual guidance access
- Expedited service
- Prompt account management
- System designed for multi-site
- 101 training
- Electrical/constructor turnover services are offered.
- Access Control Installation
- Door Access Control Systems

Kantech Tech Support offers a wide range of training that can be accessed worldwide. Our end-user training and 101 training offerings mean your team will be equipped to use the Kantech system. We also offer remote user support, so when you get stuck, we can remotely access your system to troubleshoot any errors with ease. We pride ourselves on making Tyco technical support a breeze, reducing interruption times, and restoring productivity so your team can move on with their day.

We offer a wide range of flexible billing options, including PayPal, VENMO, bank transfer, and the option to pre-pay hours in blocks. This means that we are flexible to work with a range of budgets, deadlines, and time constraints.

Do you need Kantech technical support today? Contact our helpline now at 1844 944 7763 to get in touch with one of our premier technicians now. If your query isn’t urgent, you can fill in our form above.

Kantech Tech Support Products

Kantech Tech Support offers a full range of feature-rich and cost-effective access control products that are reliable, and easy to install
Our Access Control Products Include:

entrapass security management software: corporate and global
Security Services: exaq vision security, DSC security, kantech
Mobile App entrapass go, exacq vision mobile
Integrated Security Platform DSC
Hardware - We offer all Tyco products
Readers + Cards Kantech readers, fobs, and/or cards
Biometric Reader - Identity Authentication
Wiring - Bulk orders welcome
Kantech KT 400


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At Kantech Tech Support, we carry a vast range of equipment. We carry many vendors such as DSC Intrusion, Illustra Cameras, Exact Servers, and Tyco Family products. 


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"With Jim’s extensive knowledge of the Kantech equipment and software he was able to remotely diagnose our issue and walk me through the necessary steps to get our system working properly again.

Should we need to buy or update any Kantech products I will definitely be reaching out to Kantech Tech Support in the future."

Chris Herlinger
Manager, IT Infrastructure & Operations Regalware

"Jim has been helping us for some time on a monthly basis. His help is truly 5 stars. He helps us with access control, data management, and security cameras. I truly recommend his company."

Owner, Global Coins

"We needed regular help with troubling shooting and access control, so when I was recommended to Jim, I was absolutely delighted with his expertise and knowledge. Thanks Jim!"

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